WD MyPassport Wireless imports everything on the SD card

When I browse the folders on my WD MyPassport Wireless at get numerous folders as below:

Folder 1 = Public
Folder 2 = SD

The SD folder is empty but the ‘Public’ folder goes to SD Card Imports, Upload, and the images)

If I open the ‘SD Card Imports’ folder it goes to > SDCard_SD16G_a5f00 > 2017-06-13 > DCIM >100MSDCF and then the images again!

I find when I insert the SD card it imports all the additional folders created on the card from my Sony A7R II

Shouldn’t the drive import the images only and not every folder?

It will Import any files and folders that are on the SD card. It does not differentiate between just photos and other data. The Public and SD are only seen when connecting via Wireless. If you connect the drive to your computer via USB, you will only see the contents of the Public share but not the folder itself. The SD card cannot be accessed when in USB mode.

Hi Timothy - thanks for your fast support and clearing it up. Everything is
working fine and on a good note it appears I am able to use LightRoom
Mobile on my iPad Pro and edit the Raw images on the My Passport. This is a
huge bonus and I can view the RAW file images if I navigate to the files
via lightRoom! Thanks again.

Toni, FYI there is a separate forum for the WIRELESS drive, and this forum is not it. If you want max exposure to a post, place it in the correct forum.

I assumed I was in the right forum! There was a large list in the drop down. Mistakes happen dude! Thanks anyway Timothy for your support and I believe I have now moved this to the RIGHT forum!!

You don’t need to get snarky DUDE, just because I was being politely helpful I did not tell you to move to the right forum; I did not chastise you or insult you. Accept sincere assistance gracefully.

Are you serious! Neither did I ‘chastise or insult’ you! I admitted I’d made a mistake and when I wrote I moved it to the RIGHT forum I meant I felt a little silly! I think you misread my post or perhaps I wrote it wrong LOL. Let’s chill ok :wink:

I suppose some folks don’t realize that when they call someone. “Dude” they are being snarky along with other comments you made.'Yes, let’s call a truce, although I want to add that a most appropriate reply to my tip/comment might well have been, “Thanks for the tip.” Hope you figure out your wireless drive issue. Good day.

Perhaps folks don’t realize calling someone Dude is being snarky is because they’re not! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Anyway thanks for the tip and yes I kinda figured out wireless hard drive :wink: :wink:

I have the opposite problem. I shoot with the Sony A7R II and I noticed that the wireless pro copied only the photos directory and did not take the videos which are stored in another directory. I believe my hard drive copied all files from my SD card prior to me updating the firmware on it.

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