WD MyNet N900C Issues with Drive and 5Ghz

Hi, i bought WD MyNet N900C from a local retailer it does not have internal storage drive but thats not the issue.

I put 80 GB WD drive as testing it picks up the drive then i add to my pc, then i try to see the of data transfer rate i upload 2 GB file via ftp, it goes good at 300 Mbps not bad for me but then it stucks and then restarts itself.

Sometimes i have to manually plug the drive out then plug it again. I have formatted it as ext.

I try to upgrade the firmware but no luck, same issue.

Then another issue is 5Ghz radio is on low bands i can not see channels above 40, my mobile phones can not connect to it.

The priority is drive to remain stable, do not restart itself.

It become unresponsive when i upload something.

Is there source code or some hacks to resolved it.