My Net N900: Cloud Connectivityspeed realy low

Hi there,

I’m using the router since 2 month and i have no real issues, when working in my home network.

But in the last week i tried to access it from my workplace und from a friends pc via

In both cases the upload und download speed was realy realy slow, best value was 24kb/s.

And I have no Idea how to improve it, respectively ehre the Problem is…

Can anybody help me or give me an hint.

Are you running the latest firmware?

Make sure that you dont have a firewall blocking the connection.

Have you tried to access the drive from a different place

Thank you for your answer, but it didn’t solve the Problem.

Latest firmware was installed and there was no firewall aktivated.

I tested it from several PC and devices in different locations. During the testing i noticed something, that might specity the problem.

For testing i copied a folder with pictures and a larger file (50MB). While copying the “Picturefolder” there was no change or improvement in copying-speed.

When i transfered the larger file it was uploaded with up to 150kb/s, so it took just a few secondes to copy the larger file on my  N900 drive. After transfering the file the copying process more or less stoped and it took another minute to complete the whole process.

So in my point of view the problem is not the upload/download rate, it seems that there are some “handling” problems with the files. And again i don’t know what to do…