N900 Central - endless issues!

Hi everyone, 

I’ve been reading the WD community for a while now, since every device I get from WD seems to malfunction but this is probably my first posting. 

So here is the deal, I have a N900 Central 1TB which has been almost useless ever since I got it. To be fair, the wireless part seems to be working well unlike internal storage however. My network includes the N900 and 2 laptops on windows 7. 

So to move on to the issues, i’ll try to be very short and clear: 

  1. the internal hard drive is becoming inaccessible after approximately 2-3 months of use. When i perform factory reset it starts working, but again for 2 months. This is annoying since this being a backup device is supposed to be reliable and yet is quite the opposite. So you can imagine building the whole backup again every 2 months. Sometimes I can access the root directory, but then when I click on some folder, windows explorer freezes and thats it. Sometimes cannot even access the drive. 

  2. when i factory reset and it starts working, the transfer to and from the internal drive over the wireless connections is quite slow. For example I download a torrent with 5-6 mb/s, but when I copy something to and from the internal drive to my laptop speed is 1mb/s. This is obviously related to the internal drive, because the wireless speed allows for faster transfer. 

  3. when copying large files to the internal drive, the device will freeze and become inaccessible. This is solved by soft reset. 

So these are the most annoying issues that come to my mind, there are others as well but lets resolve these first :slight_smile:

Of course, I contacted WD support but they were of not help at all. Usually they sent automated answers and it was obvious that noone has even read my complains, let alone to think of any solution. The last answer from their representative was “the unit is Out of warranty and there is no technical solution to your problem” meaning that WD simply don’t care for my issues. This is very very annoying, considering that their product if completely useless, evidenced by the multiple people complaining in this forum. I will try to contact the next level of support, hopefully they will be more adequate in their suggestions. 

Thanks for reading this and hopefully someone would be able to suggest a workable solution!





Sent to EU Team to contact the customer 06/03