My Net N900 Central restart issue


I 2 have problems:

  1. When i check my internet connection on exactly when i test my upload speed the router is stoped for few minutes and is reastarting.

When i check upload speed everything don`t work. Device and internet is stoped.

This problem i have on all version of firmware.

  1. In the last version of firmware (1.07.16) i can`t stoped FasTrack Plus QoS functions. Torrents download too slow. Of course i added ports to fire wall.

My connection is WAN (DSL)

speed of interet: 100MBPS - download 100MBPS upload

I am very disappointed of this product

Any one can help me and say me what is wrong? 

Very thanks Witek

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As a recommendation, you may want to reset the device back to factory default, as this will remove any residual configurations that may be causing conflicts within your network from an update that did not fully reset upon reboot of the unit.

information on how to reset a My Net Router to Factory Default Settings on the link below.

i am trying but don`t work. :frowning:

i change firmware to rollback and for new that is possible.

I reset router to default, i am trying usediferent configuration and anything works :frowning:

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My router also restarts the upload, above 2GB. Please, clean up this error. SkyDrive application reboots the router. Resets the settings and nothing.


it seems that there is an big BUG in Firmware, because if the Router gets high Traffic the Router resets itselves. So if i copy my iTunes Media (50GB) to N900C the router resets by using FTP, SMB …


I have exactly the same problem. i am using MY NET N900 (not Central).

When i check internet speed on then just after uploading 1~2 sec,  the router is stopped, suddenly wifi signal disappearing, cannot find network connection on my desktop, then restaring. 

There is more than that. my router, it will  immediately reboot itself. on the HIGH(above 90Mb/s) CONSTANT UPLOAD TRAFFIC(includes youtube upload).  i tried to reset the device back to factory default, changed firmware version, but couldn’t fix this.

I need serious wd to solve this problem. 

i have the same issue, rolled back firmware and , back, old, new fw, defaults. i try to disable all features(steps, one by one) evrething posible…same problem on all firmwares, it reboots on uploads(any cloud services, test, on upload test -router restarts + router restarting randomly(no reason, 3-4 times/day),  i will start every day new topics in this forum until WD will do a good firmware for n900c…(((

no WD support? no fixed firmware for our device? can someone from WD staff promise a firmware in near future? or i will buy another router and i never buy WD products…

This is the worse router that I have ever used.  It constantly drops connections and no support is forthcoming from Western Digital.   What kind of company ignores its users in their own forum?

I will never buy another WD product.