Wd mycloud play songs using pc away from home network

Why is this not supported. Playing music remotely on phone using MYCLOUD app
works perfectly but NOT playing music on a PC. Or is there a way to do this without downloading the library to a remote PC which would be totally impractical.

Please help! Thanks!!

@Jerry_Black Do you own a My Cloud Home or a My Cloud.

If a My Cloud what devices do you have set up in the Dashboard for access? See example image below.

I can play the music away from home on my Laptop if connected by wi-fi using files.mycloud.com .

More information on the PC you are using will help and where is it located?

I tried doing what you suggested and it playing any song from the mycloud drive resulted in it being downloaded to the pc before playing.

Do you know how downloading first can be avoided which is the original issue reported.