WD MyCloud EX2 sent repeated emails that said "Firmware successfully Updated", when it hadn't

I just bought this a couple weeks ago. Had some issues getting it online the way I wanted, but finally got it.  Set it op to email me notifications, and to also auto-update its firmware.

For the last 4 days, I’ve been waking up to emails that said “Successfully updated to firmware version 1.04.05”.

I don’t recall what version it was at, and my log file doesn’t seem to go back far enough to see that info.  Unfortunately, it is full of authentication error messages related to the issues in the first sentence.

I started looking through these forums for an answer and saw the issues others had with the auto-update to 1.05.21, so decided to manually upgrade to that release.  All seemed to work fine.

I’m now questioning the wisdom of enabling the auto-upgrade feature.  Thoughts?


rabigsby wrote:


I’m now questioning the wisdom of enabling the auto-upgrade feature.  Thoughts?



There is NO wisdom in enabling the auto-upgrade feature…there is plenty of wisdom in disabling it :slight_smile:

You can always do the manual update, but you will have the benefit of being able to survey the situation by reading this forum board a few days after the release. And most folks don’t have issues with the manual update - I know I never did…and have done it hundreds of times with my EX2…though in this release I am seeing a couple isolated posts that some still had issues…but I am not sure exactly why.

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As a general rule of thumb it is best to manually update after confirming the update adds (Or keeps) features you would like to use.