FW update anomaly

Still scratching my head over this one.  I just recently purchased a MycloudEX4 and got it up and running.  I went to the settings page via the web interface and clicked on the “check for updates” button under Firmware Update section.  A message popped up saying that firmware was up to date, yet the page clearly showed it as version 1.05.23, which is a bit short of the 1.05.30 shown on the wd website.

Oddly enough, the website didn’t show any version 1.05.23 at all.  I assume this must’ve been some manufacturing version that was never released for external updates.  Still, clicking the check for updates button claims that the unit is up to date.  I decided to download 1.05.30 and do a manual update.  The manual update failed both times I tried it.  There was some message about contacting WD support.  I was about to do that and I thought, why not try the check for update button one more time.  This time, the button greyed out and stayed that way.  I tried rebooting, but it refused, claiming that you can’t do that if this that and the other thing is happening at the time.  I tried sshd to access the box, thinking that i might be able to figure out what it was trying to do, that way, but sshd connection was refused.

Eventually, I was getting ready to pull the plug on the thing when the web interface changed to a page saying that the system was rebooting.  When it finished booting, it was displaying FW version 1.05.30.

Can anyone explain to me why the box while running on 1.05.23 and clicking the check for update button, claimed that it was up to date even though 1.05.30 was available?

After the 2 failed attempts at manual update, when I tried the check update button again, it just greyed out and stayed that way with zero indication that it was apparently actually performing an update.  Is that the normal expected behavior?


Hi User000001, welcome to the WD Community. This is not the normal behavior, I would try to contact support so they can help you find what happened, this information should be on the log notes.