WD MyCloud EX2 | Annoying shared folders

Hi everybody, I have a pretty annoying unsolved problem with my NAS: as the Public folder is impossible to be deleted, for reasons that I still ignore, I would love at least to remove the folders inside, Shared videos, Shared pictures and Shared music that keep coming back no matter how many times I delete them. I really can’t find any solution anywhere, I hope you can solve my problem :slight_smile:

Hello, unfortunately this folders are necessary by the operating system in the EX 2 and this is the reason why they keep coming back. May I ask why you don’t the public folder nor the folders inside?

Thank you for answering. I can understand that the Public folder is necessary for the system but the three constantly empty folders inside? That’s why I’d like to remove them, they are listed without an utility or, at least, not for me.

I simpele deleted the inwandel shares. So far no problem.