EX4 Public Folder -- The Modern Day Hydra

Hello everyone,

I recently have run into a sort of comical problem of sorts… however, it is extremely frustrating. Earlier today I swapped out my Volume 1 drive with a bigger drive. Everything had been cleared. No data lost. No problem. Reboot the system, notice that Public share folder has now bred. It is now Public and Public_2. Public_2 moved to Volume 2. Public is back on its homeland of Volume 1. I attempt to delete Public_2 from Volume 2 assuming it’ll just leave Public back on Volume 1 in its regular immovable annoying state. However, something different happened completely: deleting Public_2 now spawned Public_3 and Public_4. Okay… this is weird. Maybe a reboot will fix it? Nope. Now I am sitting with Public through Public_16… and I am afraid to try anything more. My network share folder is now spammed with share folders I cannot delete or else they multiply and make it worse. Has anyone had something similar happen? Has anyone found a way to fix this?

Thank you, Lodle

TL;DR - Public Folder is replicating for no reason uncontrollably.

Edit: New Update… device is now spamming more Pubic folders without me deleting any or doing anything. Currently up to Public_128 folders.

Edit 2: Because of all these folders that cannot be deleted I am unable to create any other folders so I am stuck with my current ones only.

Hello Lodle, welcome to the WD Community. Have you tried doing a System restore? Check page 132 of the manual for more information.


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That seems to have done it. Thank you very much Jubei. I was extremely apprehensive about doing any sort of “Restore” since most of them tend to corrupt or lose data. So far that is not the case here. Again, much thanks.