WD MyCloud - Connecting WD My Book to MyCloud USB for TV & Xbox Streaming


i have had my WD MyCloud for a while now and i wanted to keep my own personal movie backups on my new WD My Book.

I connected the My_Book to the MyCloud and i have mapped the new My Book on my pc just fine, i can watch the movies and read/write data

Now the problem i have is the following

When connecting to MyCloud previously on my Xbox and TV etc i could see my share folder named “Jason” where i could go into it and watch what was on it. This is the same on my PC

That still is fine and works just the same, The issue is I cant see the My_Book share folder on either Xbox or TV.

I can see the above “Jason” Folder wihtout any issues on my Xbox/TV But i cant figure out why they wont dispay the My_Book folder 

Here is a pic of the web app which can see the My_Book without any issues

any ideas?

Thanks so much for the help


one have any suggestions?



As a recommendation, access the twonky interface and confirm that the my book share is enable and being properly shared with all the devices.


went into the mycloud interface and its says it on

not sure how to do that for the mybook as its only a usb hard drive

connect to twonky via your browser ex:


THANKS :smiley:

i just started that webpage up and for some reason it suddenly popped up on my xbox


ill try it out over the next 24 hours and see how it goes

thx again guys