WD Mycloud cannot create a safepoint on password protected hard drive

I have a WD My Cloud, and I am finding it ridiculous that I cannot create a safepoint to my password protected My Passport Ultra when connected to the USB port on the back of the MyCloud. The My Cloud reads the My Passport drive, but only provides the option to eject, look at the details (indicated by the right facing arrow), and mentions it has 0kb of 0kb free. There is no way to unlock the my passport ultra.

The My Cloud is currently running firmware is v03.04.01-230. I am reluctant to upgrade back to firmware v04.04.01-112, as that has been fraught with errors for safepoint backup ever since upgrading. Errors such as the below have been stopping me from doing a safepoint back up at all:

  • Your last operation timed out. Make sure there are no network connectivity issues and try again. (200001)get_internet_access timeout

  • Error resetting device: Your last operation timed out. Make sure there are no network connectivity issues and try again. (340003)

What can I do to fix this issue?

I do note that if I do not set a password to the My Passport Ultra, I am able to run a safepoint back up, but I did not buy a password protected portable hard drive only to then use it without a password. Defeats the purpose.

Hi redshell,

I had exactly the same issue with my MyCloud2TB and MyPassport2TB Ultra.
I also run on firmware v03.04.01-230 and didn’t want to upgrade to any v4x version due errors with creating safepoints (this was belonging to v4.01.02-417 and v4.01.03-421) .

After firmware v.4.04.00-303 was released I decided to try this one - and was really surprised:
(1) MyCloud recognized the password protected drive and was able -after entering the password- to work with it.
(2) Creating safepoints run now perfectly without any problems/errors

Meanwhile I’m on firmware v4.04.01.-112 - still running perfectly…


Hi FredX,

Hmm… I feel lost as it was v4.04.01.-112 that didn’t work for me. But hearing your experience brings hope to try it once again. I’ll retrial and report.

@FredX Hi! I took a leap of faith thanks to you’re experience, and glad to say it now all works!

If it helps anyone, I took the path to make a safepoint back up on v03.04.01-230, once completed, upgraded to v04.04.01-112. I then tested the connectivity of the My Passport in the v04 user interface, before setting a password on the My Passport and testing it again.