WD MyBook not dectected on my Mac: 'The disk you inserted was not readable by this Computer'

I have a WD MyBook 4TB that stopped working a few weeks back, it would not show up on disk utility and no sound is heard from the hard disk. The only thing that was working was the white indicator light, however it was dull and consistent, shows no activity.

I’ve tried switching most of the components to determine the fault, steps that I’ve taken:

  1. Switching USB Cable.
  2. Using different USB ports and using different machines, both Mac and Windows.
  3. Switched power cables, making sure the voltage/amps match.
  4. Removing the casing and using a hard disk dock to connect direct to the hard disk inside.

The last step works, I can now detect the hard disk in disk utility. However I cannot access the hard disk or run ‘First Aid’ via disk utility. I will get an error message, ‘The disk you inserted was not readable by this Computer’.

The data contains most of my work and help is appreciated!


It seems that your WD My Book has become defective, I suggest you to contact one of the data recovery agencies recommended by Western Digital:

You can also try to recover the data with a data recovery software.

Was your My Book an encrypted drive, with password protection capability? If so, you may need to send it to data recovery to see if they can even access your data.

Hi, I don’t think I’ve purposefully encrypted my drive. How do I tell? Does it ask me for a password whenever I want to access my hard disk?

Thanks for the reply!

If it’s a My Book, then it’s encrypted whether you used the password protection feature or not. Which is why your computer couldn’t read your drive.

Your best best for recovering your data is to go to data recovery. They’ll know how to work around the encryption to recover your data. The only time they can’t do it is if you password protected your drive and then forgot the password. They wouldn’t be able to help you then.

Use ArMak’s link above for a list of our data recovery partners.