My WD MyBook 3TB is no longer detected on my computer

The model is: WDBACW

It was working fine, then suddenly, a grinding noise began. I re-plugged it, but it was not detected on my Mac, neither in Windows. It is formatted in HFS+.

When I plug it, it behaves absolutely normally, no more noise. Everything seems all right.

It still is under warranty, but I am worried, if I send it to WD, will they retrieve my data, and put them on the new unit? I’d rather void the warranty and open this thing up to retrieve my data than losing everything.


Hello hal2328, sorry to hear you cannot access your files, have you tried using another USB cable or a compatible power adapter? WD doesn’t have any in house data recovery services, but you can check the list of recommended data recovery partners on the support page, some of them offer free evaluations. Check the link below for more information.

Data Recovery Partners