WD MyBook Essential 1 TB not detected

Hi Everyone,

Whenever i plug my HD to my mAC Computer…I only get the WD Smartware desktop Icon… I dont get the HD Icon for me to access my files.

I used a known good USB Cable and its still the same thing

when i press the power botton at the back of the unit. i can feel the HD spinning

THere is also light infront of the device

I can open the WD Smartware folder and access its files though…

Help! TY

Hi there,

It seems like a file system formatt issue.

Was the drive detected before?

Do you have a Windows PC in wich you can try the drive?

It might me that the drive is formatted with a non Mac compatible file system like NTFS and that is why it is not being recognized.

hi John,

I’ve been using it with my MAC System from the very beggining… though my friend did ask to save some files to my HD and he was using a Windows 7 System… do you think that has something to do with it? :’(

ill try it on a windows computer as per suggestion. ty

Please try that if it is being detected on Windows open the disk management and check the file system the drive is using.

Instructions for Winodws can be found here.


You can also check on the Mac disk utility if the drive appears in there and the file system that is using.

Instructions here: http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1362/session/L2F2LzEvc25vLzEvdGltZS8xMzY1MTgxNzE4L3NpZC90SzY1NVptbA%3D%3D