My Book running but not recognized

My MyBook external for Mac was recognized this morning but Time Machine said it was read only. I shut everything down and now the MyBook is running and clicking (blinking light up and down) but it won’t show up on my computer. I tried connecting to another computer and same thing. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!!

Mine has started doing exactly the same thing today - and it won’t seem to reboot or close down - my dissertation is stuck in there. HELP

I have the same problem My Mac Says Its Not Readable…really need help…

I’m having the same problem.  It just wont show up as a readable drive.  I was in the middle of a time machine backup, when it gave an error and then said that the device was not properly ejected.  Now it cant find it at all.  I’ve re-booted, powered down the drive, but nothing.  It wont show up in Disk First Aid either.  Help!!!

Oh dear… same problem here, just started out of nowhere.  2TB Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II – will not mount, and doesn’t even appear in Disk Utility.  It was fine last time I used it.  What has changed??

Similar problem, new My Book for Mac, 2TB does not appear to be recognised by OSx Mountain Lion. How could a compacy like Western Digital allow themselves to be ‘blindsided’ like this by an Apple software upgrade. If they are asleep at the wheel on this, what else is now lagging behind ?

PS. The lack of response on this site seems to be very informative on their level of customer concern!!

I feel your pain. I have a 2TB WD My book and about amonth ago needed to retrieve something from the HD and the folders were all gone.   Long story short:  The Logical structure of the folders that is physically stored on the disk, got corrupted.  Dont know how it happened. I called WD support and they were not able to help.  I had to enlist the help of a data recovery service to retrieve my data.  I use Kroll ontrack (super professional  plus you get a WD discount).  It ended up costing  885 plus  a new external HD which you need to ship for them to put the receovered data on.  I tried every online data recovery tool before doing this.  Learned my lesson though… keep 2 backups.  I’m hesitant about replacing the WD as it happened once, it will happen again.