My Book no longer is recognized by my Mac

My External hard drive, My Book, is no longer recognized by my mac.  It has worked before, but, now it doesn’t come on.  I have changed cords, ports, power sources etc. and it still doesn’t.  Is there any way to retrieve the what is on the disk?

When you say “now, it doesn’t come on”, you mean the drive is dead not just that it won’t mount, right?

I’m having the same exact issue. My drive was once recognizable, and now it is not. I thought I had a faulty cord (i had disconnecting issues before this issue) and I just bought a new cord and NOTHING. The light on the drive flashes but it wont mount.

WD, do you guys understand how infuriating this makes me as a customer?

I’m a photographer and videographer, I have someones wedding pictures on this drive, there is NO PRICE on the info stored on this drive.

If i don’t find a solution quick, I will turn everyone away from buying your products. (i’ve waited over 3 days for a response to my email to you guys) what a joke.


This is just a users forum not a customer service area. People try and help if they can and don’t post if they can’t. There aren’t that many knowledgeble Mac users here.