WD My Passport - macOS Catalina set up

I just bought WD My passport to use with my MacBook Air 2018 model which runs with macOS Catalina version 10.15.1

I have connected the device to my laptop but started reading posts here that my passport doesn’t work with Catalina.
Before I start a nonsense journey: should I return the product?

If not: how do I set up my passport with my laptop so to not have any issue?
A step by step guide will be very useful and also some clarification around the WD apps: which one I should install (if I can install them on Mac) and why?

In the end I just wanted to back up my laptop with a hard drive cheaper than 100pounds but it seems like I’m up for a long quest.

thanks for your help!
much appreciated!


Since installing Catalina, my 2 x 4TB WD My Book Studios have been playing up. Now they wont even start up. Still waiting for WD to get back to me. Just ordered a RSHTECH Hard Drive Enclosure 3.5 Inch SATA to USB 3.0 Aluminum External Hard Drive Caddy for 3.5" SATA I/II/III HDD SSD. When it arrives I’m going to strip out the HD from the WD enclosure and see if it will work in this new enclosure. Sick to death with it.
Put one of the drives in a new caddy but computer says it’s not formatted correctly! How can that be? It’s the same drive I’ve been using for 2 years! Need help from WD, where are they???

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looks like WD doesn’t really care…
No answer from them and nothing form the forum.
I understand there are similar threads on here but I would really like to understand what is the risk of using this product with Catalina. I can return it

thanks to everybody kind enough to contribute

I have the same problem. Mac Catalina will not mount My Book, even thought I have updated the WD software for Cataliona. I’m screwed. All my sports videos are on it and the team and coach are waiting for the footage!

I also have this problem and cannot access my 3TB iTunes library at all. The 4TB My Passport drive just does not mount now I have upgraded to Catalina and the same hard drive does not work on my old iMac that has Mojave- my other 4TB HD still works on that one so it seems to me that Catalina has corrupted my external hard drive. Help!!!