WD My Passport is mysteriously full. How can I delete files I can't see?

Hello. I use Windows 10.

For some reason, my WD Passport Ultra is suddenly full. It is a 1TB drive, and I have about 100GB of files I want to keep. But suddenly, the drive is completely full.

I suspect it is full of old backups, but I cannot see them when I open the drive in file explorer. When I open the drive, all I see are the files I want to keep. To be clear: I do NOT want to use this drive for backup reasons. I use the cloud for that.

Can anyone help me remove these large, mysterious, and very unwanted files?

I see others have had a similar problem. Here are my responses to suggestions I’ve seen:

-I searched for .swstor files. Can’t find any, on the drive or on my PC.

-I refuse to format the disk. There are files I want to keep, and I think it’s crazy that I can’t selectively delete the things I don’t want. What’s more, I am pretty sure these mysterious files will show up again later.

-I am not paying to use BitRaser. It would be cheaper to order a new hard drive.

-I called WD customer support and the man told me I should buy another WD hard drive with much larger capacity. That’s the solution he suggested.

I suggest you to go for data eraser too. Here, I can recommend BitRaser File Eraser which comes with a 1 month Free trial subscription. During the free trial subscription you can use the software all features and can also cancel your subscription anytime.

This is one of the best option to try before proceeding for new hard drive or going to any professional service provider.