How do you delete files from the Passport that I deleted on my main drive?

I don’t need those files any longer on the Passport and want to free up space.


Open the drive in File Explorer. You should see a folder with “.swstor” type. Open that and work your way along until you open a folder with History and Volume folders. Open Volume, not History. You should find ALL you backed up Folders and files. Delete as needed. Be careful,


Thanks. I’ve decided to get another drive and save this one as a backup drive. I only have 400gb left in it out of 1.7tb so I just bought a 4TB My Passport Ultra.

Anything I should do to make the transition proper and easy?


Are you using WD Backup? If so, be sure to read the Help files. Also be careful about using a password. If you do use one, be sure to save it some where you can find it if you forget. WD does NOT provide any way to recover once the password is applied.

Also, if using Windows 10 check all your drivers, but especially those for the Passport Ultra. It seems they are not kept upto date to well.


I’m not using a password. My current Passport 1.5TB is using WD Backup. I just opened the new box for the 4TB My Passport Ultra. , I ejected the old unit and plugged in the new unit. I see the new My Passport Ultra with it’s 3.63TB available. I started backup of everything after loading the new software My Passport Discovery and updated it and the other Security and other programs. Backup of 816gb in process (All of the C and D drives). ANy idea how long this will take? It’s been on 0% for 2-3 minutes already.

It took all night to backup the 800gb. Thanks for your help.

Not surprised that it took overnight. Even my 1 RB takes that much.
Good luck!