Passport Ultra Full of Additional Files

This is the second Passport Ultra I’ve had with this issue.

Even though the backup is set to only save one version of each file, it fills with “additional files” until the backup drive is nearly full.

Right now, there is 1.8 TB of "additional files"and 449.2 GB of legitimate files from my system (which is correct.)

I can erase the drive and start over with a clean backup every so often, but surely there’s a better solution?

Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit.

Thank you!

Do you manually manipulate the SWSTOR backup folder? “Additional Files” contains any file that has been added to your unit by any mean other than WD SmartWare (For example: copy & paste, or another backup program), and WD SmartWare backup files the application can no longer update because the structure is corrupted.

I apparently have the same problem, and i think i know when i made the original mistake. My question is how and what do you “erase” to start all over again? “Detailed” description would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

You find Western Digital in your programs.
Go to WD Apps.
Go to WD Drive Utilities.
In Drive Utilities, there is an icon called Drive Erase.
Follow those instructions.
Hope that helps!