Passport has 500+gb of "Additional files" that I need to remove

I have a 1tb MyPassport Ulta. I have been using the WD smartware to make backups. Reading the forums about the
“additional files” I was informed that they was a setting of 5 copies (standard) and needed to make it one. Which I recently did. But how do I get rid of the 500gb of additional files off the drive?’

I also read to delete and start over, but all the files on the passport are no longer on computer (whole reason I got the harddrive). So what can I do?

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The Smartware reads “additional files” as any files on the Passport that are NOT part of the backup. Delete anything you don’t need that is not inside the WDSmartware.swstor folder. This could include a Windows backup if it ran to the Passport as well.

I tried that nothing changed.