My PP Ultra - "additonal" folder listed under the categories

This addtional folder I cannot access. It is grayed out yet is 545 GB which is the same amount as the folders of music + documents, etc… that i can access. It is like it has bakced itslef up! How do I access this?? I only need one copy backed up and this is maxxing my space used at 100% full! Help!

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“Additional files” are files not managed by WD SmartWare. For example, all files manually copied into your WD Passport Ultra or by a secondary backup utility will be listed as “Additional Files” by the application. This files are displayed by the software in order to inform how much space is being taken by non-backup files.

Thank you for explaining additional files. It happened when I changed from keep 1 to keep 2 of each file within the passport software GUI.

 Are you saying WD doesn’t support how to reverse that or delete I? Thank you!

You can delete additional files directly from the hard drive. Just be careful not do delete the backup folder itself.

“Additional files” are everything outside the smartware.swstor backup folder.

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Sorry, I have tried to find where/how to delete them to no avail.

If I open the WD interface, it will not let me access the additional files anywhere that I can see and in Windows explorer, they do not show up (even though I have have view hidden files/folders).

Any more advice would be awesome - thank you!

I see the smartware.swstor and everything around it. When I looked in the smartware.swstor it does not seem to have all the files I wanted backed up, music or pictures.

I chose to manually back up because the automated one didn’t seem to catch all music file types. When I look in the smartware.swstor folder, for example, it does not have all the music of an artist under it like it does in the other /additional folder that’s on the drive does.

Not sure what to do with it now as I’m in fear of losing music since I directed iTunes to store all music on the external PP drive.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

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