WD My Passport fell to the floor

Hello everyone. My English is poor.
Mission: Recover Data

More than two years ago I have a WD My Passport 2TB Portable and had never had problems until yesterday that I drop to the floor. Well then quickly scared connect it to my PC and my computed and does not recognize the sound of click click. Install all programs that you offer, and the only thing achieved was the Acknowledge the computer, but do not let me praise access data only reflected that is connected.
I want to clarify that I am aware of my actions and I’m not here to demand a guarantee or anything like that. Just ask help from experts or other users who have had the same problem, to recover all my files or those that can. Honestly my WD I do not, what matter most is me, recover my files. And I’ll buy another WD

Looking much information on the Internet and watching many videos where they explain that it could be that the PCB is damaged or some parts such like arm head.
I dare to buy another WD My Passport equal to mine and change the plate and the head arm. But I have a question. If changing the plate with a new one, would lose the files?
Well, I hope that with the help of experts, users and all gods, we can solve this problem.

I’ll leave some pictures of all that I get.



If you need to recover the data I recommend you contact a data recovery company. Trying to fix the drive yourself may cause even more damage and make it irrecoverable.