WD my passport 4tb (wd40NMZW) high temperatures

Hello everyone, I have an inquiry about my external drive model my passport 4tb (wd40NMZW).
While using it it goes from 30ªC from idle to 44-45ºC full usage, I was transferring 1tb of data and after 1 hour I reached those temps, room temperature is around 28-29ºC.
The manual says that normal temps are around 5-35º.
Now I’m wondering, will I break my drive using it with those temperatures? I had it for a while now and I’ve never had any issue with it and to be honest this is the first time I check for temperatures…

I’m also using an usb 3.0 hub to connect it to my pc and not directly to my usb from the back of my case, since the cable is so short it’s a pain to connect it there directly so I use my hub to do so, can this be part of the issue?

Smart shows nothing wrong and again I never encountered any issue I have the disk almost full and I wanted to transfer 1tb which was going to take 3 hours more or less but after 1 hour i just cancelled it in fear of damaging the unit.

Lastly I saw a review made by anandtech https://www.anandtech.com/show/10762/western-digital-my-book-8tb-and-my-passport-4tb-external-hdds-review and there their drive reaches around 45 degrees too, there is little to no information about anyone sharing their temps under load (every single review on the net omits this information except for anandtech) so it’s hard to find some clear answer.

more info:
I added a diagnostic test from wd tools

Test Option: QUICK TEST
Model Number: WD My Passport 25E2
Unit Serial Number: WX21D478URXY
Firmware Number: 4004
Capacity: 4000.75 GB
Test Result: PASS



WD specifically requires that HUBs not be used for the USB cable, because they tend to reduce the 5 volt required for the drive. Either use a longer USB cable or move the drive.


Hello and thanks for the answer.
Not using any hub now, everything is the same.

Well not much help from wd here and neither on their support page… I bought a seagate disk and their custom service is just miles better…I’m not very happy and probably last time i buy a wd product.
btw I pointed a little fan to the disk and that did the trick.
(I also bought a toshiba 2tb external disk and that one doesnt need anything and the temperatures are quite cool)
Not recommended.