WD My Passport 4tb (25E8) USB 3.0 - hight temperature readings while data transferring

Hi everyone!

Today I got some diturbing temperature reading on my WD My Passport 4tb (25E8) drive. Temperature peaked at 52 C while I transfered some data (about 30 GB). That disturbs me a lot since I have some experince with WD portable drives - I have around 10 of them (mostly My Passport 0828 model), and I never get such a hight termperature.

The drive itself lie at my working table, not covered or close to direct sunlight or any heating objects, so there are no any obvious external factor that could take an affect on its temperature.

On idle it works on 35 C, but if I try to copy data or do any other operations temp jumps to 41-42 C.
I’ve run tests with WD Drive Utilites - SMART and Quick Test says it is fine, but still 52 C is a lot for external hardrive IMO. To be honets that is first time I loaded that HDD with read/copy operation during summertime, quite possible that I could get such temperature reading even earlier, but room temperature didn’t alowed HDD to get that hot.

I don’t have a lot of experince using 25E8 model, is that normal for it to have such a hight working temperature? Should I worry about saving my data on another HDD and RMA that drive?

Sorry for possible mistakes, English isn’t my first language.

Hi kvizerad,

It can be the USB cable issue. You can try using the different USB cable to isolate the issue.

It is recommended to test the drive using WD Drive Utilities to find the root cause of high temperature as the drive’s operating temperature: 5°C to 35°C and the non-operating temperature: –20°C to 65°C.

You can refer the link mentioned below and follow the instructions to run Full Test on the drive.