WD My Passport 1Tb -- After failed copying, cannot access

Copying was taking too long so I cancelled but the cancellation was not successful and the app just hanged. I then shut down my laptop. After rebooting, I could no longer access my WD Passport 1TB. I used WinDlg but it was not successful. I also used the WD Drive Utilities but all drive tests failed (no drive test was done or the app just hang) . On Windows Disk Management, the drive appears to be “read only”. Please help. I want to retrieve very important files before reformatting my Passport.

Please give me your advice. Thank you

Hi, welcome to the community,

Have you tried connecting the drive to a different computer? Have you tried connecting the drive using a different USB Port and USB cable?

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Hello, thank you for replying. Yes, I also tried to connect, both with a different PC and laptop, and different port and USB cable. But the result was even worse. The WD Passport was not recognized.

When I plugged (using the original cable supplied) it in to the same port, it was recognized after a long delay, however I cannot open the directories because the file manager hangs.

I’m having a similar problem…

I cant add or delete anything from my drive… dont have a password request on startup or to change anything…? NEED HELP…!!!

Cant access from my MAC or my PC…

I have been searching for solutions for more than a month now. And Western Digital are not providing answers or solutions.

Until now, my Passport 1TB remains locked and cannot be formatted. What a waste!