My Passport recognized by Windows as local drive, freezes diagnostics

I have a WD My Passport drive which was working yesterday. During the transfer of a file, laptop hanged and I had to do a hard reset. After that, My Passport cannot be read:

  1. Windows Device Manager recognize it as a Disk Drive : WD My Passport 0730 USB Device
  2. Windows Disk Management cannot recognize it
  3. Windows Explorer recognize it as a Local Disk
  4. WD Drive Uitlities cannot recognize it
  5. WD Live Lifeguard Diagnostics reports “read capacity failed”
  6. Trying to read the drive using WIndows Explorer will freeze laptop until the USB 3 cable is pulled out.

any help would be appreciated to access the drive again. Thanks.

There are various reasons for this issue such as BIOS settings, USB data line, USB interface voltage variability, drive hidden issue or compatibility issue, etc. Whatever may be the reason, the end result is data inaccessibility or data loss.

You can try the below options as a solution for this issue:

  1. Establish a connection between another system and USB Data Line to verify whether it is broken or not.
  2. Make sure the system and motherboard are compatible with each other
  3. Verify whether the USB interface voltage is up to the mark or not
  4. Use Disk Management to unhide the drive
  5. Ensure USB is enabled in Operating System as well as in BIOS

However, if you wish to recover your lost data from the corrupted drive then you need to use a Data Recovery Software. There are lots of data recovery software options available and one such is Stellar Data Recovery software.