Frustrating WD My Passport 1TB

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The same thing happened to me. Im still searching for solution. I hope WD can provide solutions for this inaccessible WD drive. Now what I want is just to reformat and use it again but all WD tools said it it locked. Now I’m also angry – for the loss of all my very important work-related files and for the waste of money in the purchase of Passport which is now useless.

Hi, which model is your passport? Have you tried a different computer?

got same problem here … did you solve it already ?

Yes same here, I was also surprised. I’ve been trying to fix my WD portable
drive for 2 months using different available utilities on a Windows PC, but
with no success. Then one day I tried plugging it in a Mac OS, but the
drive still wasn’t recognized. However, the next time I plugged it in a
Windows PC, my drive was recognized and with no errors.

Goodluck to you Azrisyam!