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To the technical bodkins at WD My Cloud Mirror.

Why is there no sync availability to update computer content on a regular basis when dragging content across to the device?

Regards, Dave

not sure exactly what you want to do here

If you are talking about backing up a PC to the mycloud smartware or other 3rd party backup tools can be used. Smartware can run continuously, shcheduled or on demand

Hi and thanks for getting back.

I’m trying to figure out how I can set up a weekly sync. When I click on WD My Cloud on my desktop screen up comes the screen and I drag content from my computer to the folder I set up within WD My Cloud. This copies my computer content to My Cloud. During the next week I work on my files or photos, but these are not automatically updated on My Cloud.

I would like to sync/add my computer’s new content to the old content within My Cloud so my question is how do I set up  WD My Cloud so that I can perform a weekly automatically sync to add this content.

Regards, Dave 

1st I would use file explorer for most local file operations instead of the WD apps, remote is the oppisite advise

smartware is able to do this

you could also create a simple batch file using xcopy which can do all files or only modified files. I actually run 2 batch jobs from task schedular, a daily modified only and a full monthly in addition to a smartware backup to another location

Hi and thanks once again

I use file explorer to drag content from.

I used smartware before but it was so slow - 10gb per day - si I gave up, formatted the drive and started again.

I am happy to use file exporer to drag content from raather than smartware.

I would be very interested in your suggestion to create a simple batch file using xcopy - if I only knew what xcopy was and where to find it and also where to find the task scheduler. I downloaded the manual but it’s so complicated and like wading through mud.

Any suggestions would be most helpful.

Thanks again, Dave

task scheduler and xcopy are just Windows utilities and can be used for many things

basicly just change to the directory you wnat to backup and run the line below

this to copy all files and directories in the current location to the mycloud

xcopy * \mycloudip\share\folder /s /f /y /i >> c:\tmp\bkup-m.log

or this to copy onlt modified files and directories in the current location to the mycloud

xcopy * \mycloudip\share\folder /s /f /m /y /i >> c:\tmp\bkup.log

I have several lines like the with CD command between and going to various shares and folders. These are in files called bkup.cmd and bkup-m.cmd and can be ran from task scheduler, double clicking on them or from a command prompt which I suggest for testing

I didn’t time by initial smartware backup but that sounds low however it does run in the background to minimize the impact so it will never be as fast as file explorer or xcopy. and after the initial backup i susbect you arn’t adding/modifiying that much data so it should be quick

Funnily enough, I posted my xcopy-based backup script the other day:


Hi larryg0

Thanks for the reply. I’ll have to google task scheduler and xcopy as  these are new words to a silver surfer like myself.

Xcopy sounds just the thing I need to copy just the modifed files from the last few days over to the WD My Cloud directory structure that I started up.

An interesting question I would put to WD is, after spending an awful amount of money on the unit, why haven’t they introduced a programme, or app, that would automatically backup modified files on a regluar basis?

Regards, Dave.

 why haven’t they introduced a programme, or app, that would automatically backup modified files on a regluar basis?

They have.  It’s called SmartWare, and, like other backup methods provided by later versions of Windows and Apple OSX, is discussed in section 4 of the MyCloud user manual.  I know the manual isn’t included in the box, and isn’t a model of clarity, but it does exist…


I’ll add a picture of SmartWare!

Here’s a link to the Learning Center, Downloads, where you can get SmartWare.


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cat0w (USA)

Hi again,

I’ll retry smartware once more. Will I be correct in following this procedure:

  1. Run smartware and on the home screen select Computer ‘C’ from my backup source.

  2. Login to MyCloudMirror and select the name I used from the dropdown box.

  3. From the backup screen I choose file backup and then ticked the box I want to back up, in my case My Files. (what are the files in the centre window?)

  4. Select backup frequency, in my paricular case once daily at a certain time.

  5. Enable backup and I guess that it’ll take days to complete the backup.

Is it really that simple, or have I  missed something important. Another important question is do I have to delete the content I’ve already backed up by dragging content from the left column file structure to My Cloud?

Regards once again. Dave

If you are not sure about a step to backup your files go to the Help tab, Backup, or use the link at the bottom of page under Help tab for the Online User Manual.

How long it takes to backup your files depends on the size. After your initial backup is completed others should only take a short time. Mine are backed up on Mondays and Fridays for my desktop computer and Sundays for my laptop and usual take 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

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cat0w (USA)

Hi once more

I’m now running Smartware to back up my files. I’ve discovered that I need to use target device WD My Cloud Mirror and from the dropdown menu ‘Smartware’ rather than the My Cloud file name I setup to access my files remotely.

Fingers crossed this works.

If this is my problem why can’t WD make it crystal clear that the dropdown screen needs to show Smartware as I’ve lost days trying to figure thsi out.

Regards,  Dave