WD My Cloud

i was thinking of buying a my cloud 4tb external hard drive. can anyone tell me are they actually any good.  is the transfer rate as low as everyone says ,and is it as hard to set up as they say, i don’t want a 200 pound paperweight so to speak  , thanks

rob112 wrote:

is the transfer rate as low as everyone says

These types of questions sort of get under my skin.   Who is this “Everyone?”   And how slow does “everyone” say it is?   :laughing:

It certainly is the fastest NAS of the 6 or 7 I have on my network:


89 Megabytes per second reading hundreds of medium-ish size files on mine (Read from the NAS to an internal HD on my Win7 PC).   If that’s “slow” to you, then I doubt you’d be satisfied with it.

Tony thanks for the reply . its a ok its a good speed without all the **bleep** at the start would have been better . i just googled my cloud transfer speed  to get all the bad pr on the speeds . thats why i come here to ask before i blew £200 on it as i thought it mite of been wrong 

or they mite of been wrong

I’m seeing very good speeds - 50MB/s for most large file transfers on a gigabit network with a switch and a router between my computer and the drive. 

I have the 2TB MyCloud.  The speed, both locally and remote, is good.  My only issue is not being able to share it with anyone else.  The original login account made during setup works fine for both local and remote, but other users created will not work.  Login always fails with invalid email/password error, even though those user account show up on the Dashboard and appear correct.

So, if you want it just for yourself, you’re good to go.  To share with other users, maybe something else would be better.