"WD My Cloud" Smartphone- and Desktop-App won't load (sub)folder

Hi there,

I bought and set up my My Cloud Mirror 4TB a few weeks ago. Now I’m at my relatives’ house and try to access some shares on my NAS at home.

My smartphone app (My Cloud) as well as my desktop app (My Cloud) can connect to my NAS at home, but they won’t load some (sub)folders. The apps show that they try to load - but no matter how long I wait, both apps won’t show any files or subfolders.

That means I can only see the main folders in the root-directory on my NAS - but can’t load any subfolders/files.

Does anybody has a clue why that error occurs? It’s pretty annoying that I can’t access my data from outside of my flat. That was the main reason I bought the NAS for.

Best regards


Hello and welcome to the WD Community.

If you are within the same network, are you able to access those files? or is only when you access the files remotely?

What firmware are you running on your unit?

Hi ERmorel,

when I’m at home (in the same network), everything works fine. I can access all files and folders.

I tried to access my files from remote on different days, when I was visiting my relatives.

The firmware is the newest version: 1.05.30

Does anyone has an idea what’s the reason for that behaviour of the WD MyCloud Mirror?

I still have the same problems and haven’t figured out a solution yet.

Could it be a problem with the directory path --> the name of the subfolders?

Are there any characters that are forbidden, when accessing from an external network?

using the smartphon WD mycloud app at home on wifi can you see all folders/files? or only some?

for ease of testing you can turn off wifi on you smart phone to test remote access while you are home.

with wifi off exacly what can you see? just the shares? files in the shares? some files/folders. Can you access files in the public share?

Hi larryg0,

thank you for the reply!

I already tested the “remote access” by turning off my wifi on my smartphone but thank you for the hint!

When I’m at home:

  • I can see all shares

  • I can access all shares

  • I can access all subfolders in that shares

  • I’m also able to see and open all files from any subfolder.

When I access remotely:

  • I can see all shares

  • I can access all shares

  • I can access all subfolders in that shares - but the app keeps loading till infinity (with the little cloud-loading-bar-icon)

  • For the reason mentioned above I can not see any files (in some folders) or I can see the files - but when I try to load them I just see the round iphone-loading-bar in the middle of the screen. Nothing loads at all - no matter how long I wait.

For your better understanding: an example of my share structure:

  • Pictures

— 2011

— 2012

— 2013

— 2014

------ January

------ March

------ August

--------- picture 1.jpg

--------- picture 2.png

--------- picture 3.gif

At home I can access every folder down to the files - including the files. No problem at all.

Remotely I can access the main share folders (in this example: “pictures”). I can access the first subfolder (2014 for example) but when I try open a sub folder (August), the cloud-loading-bar-of-death appears and nothing happens anymore.

I have a similar problem for my movies-share

  • movies

— german

— english

------ Movie 1 (folder)

--------- movie.avi

In this share I can access all folders, subfolders and files easily when accessing it in my home network.

When I try to access it remotely, I see the folders in the first level (german, english) but when I try to access one of the folders (english for example) I don’t see the list of folders that should be shown there. Again: the cloud-loading-bar appears and nothing happens anymore.

It appears to me that the closer I get to the lowest level of my directory (no matter which share), where the files are stored - that I want to access - the MyCloud Mirror has a problem to load them.

Regarding your question about the files in the public-share: I can see them when accessing remotely - but when I try to load them, I just get the round loading bar from my apple device and nothing is happening anymore.

Hopefully my explanation was not to long and confusing. I’m glad for any support!