WD My Cloud Mirror Personal Cloud stotrage

Hi! Can anyone enlighten me please? I’m considering buying one of these WD ‘Mirror’ units to backup files etc from a MacBookPro/iMac/iPad and 2 iPhones. Have considered alternative NAS drives but this one looks as if it might do the job. Any advice, comments etc? 

This one was released less than a week ago…so you’ll find very few actual customers right now. Best is to wait a few more weeks for feedback.

Ideally, without being too discouraging, anyone considering a NAS product, WD or from any other company, will have a bit of tech-saviness…or at least the willingness to do things like port-forwarding, etc. If you are the kind (and from my personal experience many Mac users are) who feel skittish about configuring things on your router, etc…not saying that it is hard to do…in fact it is quite simple…but if you’d rather not do that kind of thing, then I’d strongly advise staying away from a NAS, WD’s or others’.