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Hi everyone, I just registered today, as I have some questions and will likely needs tons of support in the future, lol

I’m looking for a solution to my needs, and tried dabbling with windows home server, and it always seemed buggy and would stop working after so many months.  I finally threw my hands up and stopped using it.  My wife and I take alot of photos, not pros by any means but we do try to turn out some decent work.  Right now, we have easily 5k photos or more stored on hard drives, and of course I have a mom that loves to look at them too.  I’d like to have copies of them all, so that there is no risk of losing them, as well as sharing them to select people as well. 

Also being able to upload them while we are out of town would be good too.  There is the mycloud, mycloud mirror, and mycloud ex2 that I have seen, and not sure which if any, or all of them would work for my needs.  Keep in mind that this side of computers isn’t my strongest thing.  Automotive electronics and powertrain etc are more up my alley, so dumb it down as needed.  Also, say you get the 2 or 3TB units, and you fill them up.  Would you be able to add another mycloud into your network and use them all?  What about having one at your home, and another halfway across the country to have a secured copy or back up?

Hello streetglideok, welcome to the WD Community. For the type of use that you are planning, I recommend the My Cloud Mirror. You will have data protection, give remote access to other users and also do remote backups to another My Cloud Mirror or EX2, EX4 NAS.

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I agree if you can afford it go for the mycloud mirror and have the dual drive peace of mind.

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Well I went ahead and took the plunge with the mycloud 3tb model today.  Figured I would start small and can always go back and add another one.  I got kind of set up now, loading photos as we speak, about a 140gb worth right now.  Trick will be adding users and computers to it.

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Hi again streetglideok, enjoy your new drive. Come back to share how it went. :wink: