Buying Advice - choosing the different type of WD products

I posted in My Cloud because I read that My Cloud Home still have some issues (so probably will rule out MCH).

I am looking for a solution as alternative to iCloud. We are a family of three that uses mostly Apple products MacBook Pro iPad and iPhones. I am looking for a easy to set up solution that can do the full back back of data from phones (not just the photos and videos). I know that the Mac can be supported using a Time Machine with My Cloud, but how about the iphones (is it easy to back up the entire phone automatically like the iCloud backup?).

I had tried Buffalo NAS set up with 2 hard drives for mirror backup before but I didn’t like the interface and never got the internet access feature working properly. Eventually one of the HD gave out and I also gave up using it.

Hoping to find a solution that has easy setup (from reading seems My Cloud meets that requirement but not sure if it’s somewhat limiting on the type of data that it can automatically backup).

Thanks for your help and advice in advance.