WD My Cloud Functionality Broken

This morning our WD MyCloud was errored out. I power cycled it and it was still in a state of error - but then I gave it a soft reset (paperclip in the back?) and finally got the non-existent BLUE LED to come on (I think it burned out 2 years ago).

Here’s my issue - the WD MyCloud desktop application no longer functions to allow us to log in (via the WD MyCloud Windows App), and the previous file share links are no longer valid.

I work for a business and we use our Cloud for storing project files for field staff and office to share. This usually works by office staff accessing the drive via the WD MyCloud Windows program, creating a folder on the Cloud, uploading files, obtaining links to said files, and then sharing them on a calendar appointment or via email for staff to access.

All of that functionality is now gone. The drive is mapped and locally accessible, but links are no longer valid and sharing the new ones provided via the files.mycloud.com access means that instead of clicking files and gaining instant functionality, staff must go through an acess screen and process how to handle the file. It is not conducive to business.

Is it even worth calling WD over this? Judging from the state of the forums, we are not a priority or even a supported end user since this product is in ‘end life’.

The My Cloud Desktop application has been end of life (EoL) since 2016. It was a recent firmware update that finally broke the functionality of the software.

The single bay My Cloud units are not really designed for a business environment. Generally they are aimed at the home user.

WD has decided that the MyCloud.com web portal is the main method for remote access and for users to create sharable links. Or one can use the WD app for iOS or Android to access the My Cloud remotely or create shareable links.

As explained elsewhere today in a similar thread complaining about the My Cloud Desktop not working, one can try to downgrade the My Cloud firmware to see if they can regain the use of the My Cloud Desktop program.

This is mostly a user to user support forum.

One can request WD reinstate the functionality of the My Cloud Desktop software in the Cloud Ideas subforum.

Thank you very much, Bennor. I figured it was kind of a moot point, but you guys obviously know best.


It should be noted WD has a Knowledgebase article covering the Desktop program no longer working.



The My Cloud Desktop App v1.07 for WIndows and macOS is EOL with a final release in February and March of 2016.
The Desktop App is not validated for use on:

My Cloud Firmware Version 04.04.03-113 and higher
** v04.03-113 was released on 05/23/2016

My Cloud Firmware Version 2.11.153 and higher
** v2.11.153 was released on 10/18/2016

My Cloud Firmware Version 2.21.111 and higher
** v2.21.111 was released on 07/18/2016


MyCloud.com can be used on supported Web Browsers to access a My Cloud from a local or remote location.