WD My Cloud desktop application Not Working

I have been using WD My cloud app on windows 10 for quite sometime but offlate I am not able to log in anymore. It is not able to detect my drive anymore… Although WD access in taskbar is able to detect the drive and I am able to access it too… any solutions?

Hello, it seems to be the same issue than Login service unavailable

Exactly… can’t login

The Desktop app no longer works.



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The My Cloud Desktop program has been End of Life since 2016. Recent firmware updates to the My Cloud have rendered the application unusable.

Thanks for these informations.

My version is : Capture

I re-install last week-end the software and the issue is always there.

my firmware version is :

so the issue could be a wrong frimware version :

Are-You in the same case ?

@ Tempo25
Do you have a My Cloud or a My Cloud Home device? The My Cloud Home IS NOT the same as a My Cloud device. The My Cloud Home has different features and options than a My Cloud Device. The software used for the My Cloud Home may be different than the software used for accessing a My Cloud device.

If you have a My Cloud Home, see the dedicated subforum for that device.


The single drive My Cloud Home looks like this:

The single drive My Cloud looks like this:

Downloads for the single drive My Cloud Home can be found here:


Downloads for the single bay/single drive My Cloud can be found here:


Don’t think the My Cloud Desktop ever supported the My Cloud Home since that is a completely different device.

Hello, thanks for this post.

I have a My Cloud Home Duo drives. Sorry for my posts in this forum. I 've made a mistaked.

I hope you find a solution for your issue…

Thank you. Noted.