WD My Book World Edition 1TB -- update software to version 2?

Hi everyone!

I have a WD my book world edition 1TB plugged into my network. 

It seems the iphone apps out there for these devices require them to have firmware version 2 or above.  Is there a way to update my device to have this new software so I can use the iphone apps?  

Also, in itunes it can see the device but when I click on it, it forever says “loading (device name)”  and doesn’t do anything. 

Any tips to get these things working for me?  I have a macbook running OSX 10.8.2

Hi, I guess you must be taking about the 2.0 update for the my book live? So you can use wd2go for remote access from your Cel/PC. That update is not available for the my book world. For the itunes server, verify if the server is unable from the my book world dashboard, if that doesn’t helps press the reset button on the back of the my book for 4 seconds.