New Release - Firmware Version 1.02.04 for My Book World Edition I & II (8/16/10)

Information on new firmware update for the My Book World Edition I and My Book World Edition II drives is available at

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The most recent version I see is 1.01.16.  Am I missing something?

My device is not finding the new firmware, and I cannot download it from your web page to manually install.

Need firmware file for offline update and I couldn’t find it on WD support site.

I am gonna do some more researching to find the update. The icon next to the posters name means he knows what he’s talkin bout; maybe we’re missing something though.

Release 1.02.04 (8/11/10)
Updated Mionet client version to to support Mionet 4.0
Updated to TwonkyMedia Server v5.1.4-1 for compatibility
Supports Windows Server 2008


Apfter updating, i lost Twonky Server!!

When i try to enter the settings of twonky using the ethernet adress and port, it displays a “page not found” web page message…

HELP :’(

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Hi everybody,

Download seems to be ok but button “Upgrade” does not pop up.

Any idea ?  Thanks a lot !!!

This is some “funny” WD Joke?

Automated update doesn’t work (>> Your device is up to date…) and WD didn’t provide any web link for downloading firmware for manual updates.

Maybe the answer is easy, there was so many new BUGs, that they withdraw this new release from their web!

This WD support is an Big Joke!

No kidding–I’ve been waiting months for an update and still can’t get it.  There should be a way to update Twonky separate from the firmware!

There’s a WD My Book World II Edition GPL Source Code section, but I’m not sure if that’s what you can install manually.

Looks like the check for update button is finally finding the new software.

I 'm getting the exact same thing with mine! Any updates??



Please try the link again:

It should now be pointing to the right location.

Please check if you have FW 01.01.18 on your My Book World Edition right now.  If you do, please try the automatic firmware update process again.

The problem was that FW 01.01.18 was not released to the field and the update server could not identify FW 01.01.18 as a legitimate firmware version.

Please check if you have FW 01.01.18 on your My Book World Edition.  If so, please try the automatic update again

Another smart guy from WD…

Hallooooo did you red the lines above and the problems which was reported from the users about the new firmware?

And you advise to the users to upgrade the firmware 1.02.04?

Are you kidding us?

When you fix the new problems and release a good standard version of firmware for WD MBWEII?

Thank you.

I chceck the automatic update,  you get now this message New firmware is available! Please click ‘Download’. The system will ownload new firmware automatically.

It looks that they fix those new BUGs…

Does anybody have some experience with this new firmware? Or only negative references from k-is79.


Updated last night from 4.6 and now can’t see any MKV files through Twonky Media server.  I was streaming directly to my WD TV Live with no issues until upgrade.

Any suggestions?

This firmware has a fatal problem - the Twonky server is buggy. I have collection of 1500+ videos. When it scans the library, it hangs on one of the M2TS files (i waited 10 hours before iterrupt). If i remove this file, it takes 5 hours for the scan ! The previous version of the Twonky took 10 minutes. Also, current Twonky 5.1.4 misses all MKV files. The status page shows a number of videos that were found and this number does not include MKV files.

So currently it is impossible to use DLNA feature of the NAS.

Please, downgrade the firmware to older Twonky or include more recent version that is functional (please test before).