WD My book wont power on

i have had a My book external drive for a few years, never had an issue, all of a sudden it just stopped working. someone suggested that it was the power cable, that made sense so i bought a new one… that wasnt it. Light doesnt come on at all, and it wont connect to the computer or any other device, i have tried plugging it in to different power sockets and tried to connect to different computers and nothing. what should i do? i dont care so much about the device but i do care about the data & files that are on it.

Hello cck,

As you’ve checked with other power adapter and connected with different computers, still My Book is not powering On. It indicates that there may be issue with the device and need to contact WD Support to get replacement if available under warranty policy.
However, you can contact data recovery companies to recover important data from the drive.