WD My Book Studio Edition II won't mount on my MacBook

Having upgraded to Mac OSX Leopard, my WD My Book Studio Edition II no longer mounts – the icon doesn’t appear top right on screen, as it did before.

The cable connection is eSata. I had tested it just before I upgraded the system, and it was working.

Any ideas? 

Does it work on USB or Firewire? If it does then it’s possible there’s an issue with the eSATA controller. If it doesn’t, then I’d try a different computer.


Thanks, Trancer. It works with a USB cable. However, I was advised by the technical help person who installed my system that because I’m a professional photographer using high resolution digital image files, that eSata connection is much faster than USB. Is this correct, or can I just continue with the USB cable?  

eSATA is indeed much faster than USB 2.0. However, so is Firewire 800.