WD My Book Studio 2 not mounting via eSATA after Firmware Update

Hi all,

I the updated the firmware on a MyBook Studio 2 recently to the latest version ( and prior to doing so it was able to connect via eSATA and a RocketRaid 642L 2 port card.  After the update, no go, although the drive works fine in USB or FW800 mode.  The drive doesn’t even show up in Disk Utility nor does the 642L utilities see it.  Again, before the update, an hour earlier it did.  I tried another cable, still no dice.  I am certain it’s the firmware that has disabled the eSATA port.

Has anyone tested the firmware under Yosemite with a MyBook Studio 2 (Set to RAID 0 via the USB) connected with the eSata port?

Also does anyone have links to older versions of the WD firmware to downgrade?




I recommend you contact support for assistance with this issue.

Contact WD