WD My Book Studio 1tb not recognized

Hi, hi to everyone.
I am glad I have found this forum. Hopefully I someone might be able to help me. with my issue.

My case: I have among my backup drives a WD My Book Studio 1tb (PN WD10000H1Q).
At some point, it started to fail, until my NAS did not recognize it at all. It has 6 LEDs in the front, and only 3 were lit. The drive was not spinning.

I disassembled it and noticed that the 1000 µF 6.3V capacitor was bad, and replaced it and also the 100 µF 25V.

Afterwards, if I connect the unit to the power, all LEDs lit, and the drive spins. The problem is that it is not recognized neither by my NAS (eSATA) nor by USB (both NAS and computer).

Can anyone help me to troubleshoot/fix the issue (if possible, of course).

I do have some soldering skills (iron solder), and have a digital multimeter for testing (although I do not have hot air soldering station).
I have read about TVS, and think I may have identified them as D21 and D4.

Could it be that the 3.3/5V lines that feed the logic board are not working (but 12V is)?

Where can I test voltage to make sure it is working?

There is a jumper in the board, is there any special procedure to follow in order to set up the board+drive that is preventing the board to be recognized (I have powered the board without a disk, and the light pattern is different thatn with disk).

I shall mention that the disk (WD Green) is recognized fine using a SATA dock, and the information is there.

Thank you!!