Omg, mybook studio not detected - 15 years data inside!

just happen to me…

yesterday, when i connencted my book studio (2TB) usb connector to PC, its didnt shown the drive as ussual, the indicator led blinking too long and still cant detected. 
name plate:
Model : WDBCPZ00w20HAL-01
S/N: WCAZAJ69****
Product of Thailand

Restart PC many times, crosscheck device manager, install/uninstall the device, it still doesnt works. its impossible for me to claim even come to the service center, because no representative in my country.

in my frustation, i open the case and take out the HDD inside. use another USB external SATA reader, and connected to PC, and its detected! BUT… no drive letter shown and from disk management application, it said UNALLOCATED SPACE 1.9TB …!!! what! my work and personal data deom 2001 stored inside it, because i moved all of data from separated small HDD last year into it and the size growth time by time. at that time i fell safe because mybook studio looks tough from it case and its product descrption make me belief this device is the best place for backup storage and durable.

i have licensed recovery software, active partition full version. quick and superscan did twice, and no result shown. i have another experience in past, this software able to recover formated hdd even partitioned hdd. 

I assume, the controller inside mybook studio screw it up, and wipe out all of my data when its malfunctioning? omg, what 's this.

read from page 1 to 14, does RAID or SATA/IDE configucation could affect the ability od my PC to recognize it? if yes, how and how to configure it on PC?

I contacted WD, and still wait their reply. anyone please help.


anyone may share advice for my case above?

and question,

what is the MyBook Studio Controller format, is it SATA or RAID?

because, im take out the HDD inside the MyBook and plug it into PC SATA connector. and its blanks.

or do i need do some changes in my PC Bios to change SATA to RAID? or I can do it by a software running in windows?

please help

(i got reply from WD, they said the technical support will contact me. still wating for hours)

WD contacted me, basically they ask me sent to overseas, its make me frustating!

Anyone know where i can buy the controller board of my book version please?