WD My Book Pro Edition II replacing drive?

Can I use a different drive for replacing the RAID 1 array, replaced the defective WD 500GB with a new Toshiba 500GB and power up? “System should automatically rebuild the RAID. The outer ring will turn in a clockwise motion during drive activity” It just light up blue, it doesn´t seem to work at all?


Take a look at this link:

How to dismantle a WD My Book Pro II, WD My Book Premium II, or WD My Book World II (Blue Rings) drive to replace a hard drive

At the bottom of the page it says:

Important: The user serviceable enclosure will only work with replacement hard drives from Western Digital. Inserting a non-Western Digital hard drive into the enclosure could cause damage or data loss.
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Yes it works fine with a Western Drive, “problem” solved!:wink: