My Book Pro

Hello, I’ve recently been shopping for a new drive and came across good offers for the rather old My Book Pro series drives (with thunderbolt 2). Speed isn’t a big issue for me since my computer is running Thunderbolt 2, and the drives are predominantly for back-up with Raid 1 only. I currently Use Lacie 2big drives run on Raid 1.

I am wondering if it would be possible for me to take out the two drives from the Lacie 2big and place them into the WD My Book Pro and then read/write/amend the files already on those drives using Raid 1. Or is this not possible because they are of different brands and the control unit syncing the two drives are different?

Been thinking about this since the WD appears to make it quite easy to swap out the drives (whereas for the Lacie 2big it requires a screwdriver to remove the drives from the tray). Sorry - not very good with computers… Thank you!

Hi hiki08,

We recommend using the WD Black™ hard drives to replace the drives in your My Book Pro device enclosure. Also, the replacement drives must be new, and the same capacity, the drive that failed as the RAID configurations require both drives to be the same capacity. For more details, you can refer the manual of My Book Pro (page#24) from below link.