Using WD red series disk in a Book PRO

Dear all,

did someone try to replaces the WD HD RED NAS series in a MY BOOK PRO?

What I done:

I get off both 3TB disk configured in RAID 1 from MY BOOK PRO.
I get off one 4TB WD RED NAS series disk from my old NAS and I insert that disk in a MY PBOOK PRO
MY BOOK PRO doesn’t recognise that disk and the a red led is light.

I tryd with bot OSX and W10.

At the end I reinsert the original 3TB disk in the MYBOO pro (in the same location used before) and everything works fine.

Some ideas/suggestion ?

Kind regards

Claudio Ferroni


I found this on page #24 of the User’s Manual:

Important: Only use WD Black™ hard drives to replace the drives in your My Book Pro
device enclosure. Also, replacement drives must be new, and the same capacity as the
drive that failed. The RAID configurations require both drives to be the same capacity.
Using any other hard drive or capacity voids the warranty for your My Book Pro device.”

Oh yes, How a raid configuration works is clear for me because I started to sue this technology man years ago.
My question was to understand if someone tried to use different disks type instead of Black series inside the MY BOOK PRO.


On the User’s manual page #24 it says that only use WD Black drives to replace the drives inside your My Book Pro.