WD My Book Live Duo (4TB): DLNA issues


I recently replaced my WD MY Book live (2TB) with the My Book live duo (4TB) and basically just copied all the data across with the one exception of splitting them into 4 public shares as opposed to 2 in my older one. 

I’ve tried everything I could think of, but I don’t seem to get the new DLNA server working. Firstly it doesn’t complete the media scan - even after 24 hours (the 2TB Live disk’s Twonky scans in 10-15 mins). Secondly the detection on the network is extremely slow… my TV, Andriod Tablet, and computer recognize the 2 TB live disk in a matter of seconds, while the DLNA server shows up after 10 odd minutes. Lastly the access speed seems to be woefully slow. 

This is evidently not working for me. What I thought was a significant upgrade is turning out just the opposite and promises to be detrimental to my utilization of my media. 

Am attaching a screenshot of the ‘status’ messages for my two disks having identical data at this point in time. The Duo’s DLNA server still seems to be scanning the disk (and rebuilding the db has no impact). 

Can someone help? 

My new WD My Book Live Duo (4TB)


My Old WD My Book Live (2TB)


Join the club.  Your experience is shared by many on this forum.  A new firmware is expected sometime this month, not sure if all of these issues will be addressed.  Another issue many of us are having is with plug&play.  it is more responsive if you give it a fixed IP address and set up port forwarding manually.

  The reviews everywhere are awful.  Not sure what WD is thinking of doing to fix this.


  Good luck.

Have problems with DLNA too: Neither a DENON AVR 1912 nor a Terratec Noxon2 have access to the media. Both devices can stream any media from a Windows PC, so the problem is not in the devices nor in the network,

Has anyone any idea, what media server is used in MBL?

I hope, WD is solving the problem very fast. My experience with the MBL is not a good one: First: installation crashes because of missing software on the device (solved with some research on the web) and now, the DLNA server does not work. Thanks.

i quite like serviio . Its free fast and does not skip my files (like PS3MS and TVersity)

I got a MBLD 6TB recently and just enabled DLNA after reading this post. It was able to sync within few minutes.

I havent yet tried with a DLNA client though. Still looking for a client for windows.

But the scan part seems to work.

Same issue here. I have a My Book Live Duo 4TB and the DLNA is extreeeeeeemmmmmly slow!!! If I stream from my laptop, it works but there is often some lag. If I try to stream from my Samsung Smart TV, my GoogleTV Revue or XBox, all fails and they just time out after a while. Very irritating. I never have luck.

At first I thought it was my LAN, but was surprised how fast I can access files from my laptops, I have both a mac and a pc.

WD, can you let us install our own DLNA server, instead of the one you guys have right now? It would be very helpful. Or just send us an update already??

I have 6TB MBL Duo, still running FW version 02.30.18-273 and the current Media Server Version is I do not see the DLNA logo though.

Media scanning speed is comparable to the 3TB MBL that I recently RMA’d and so far media streaming via WDTV Live SMP has been working well, but I have it setup as a Windows Share rather than Media Server. If I do set it up as Media Server, streaming still works just as good, but all my folders show up twice and takes a bit more effort to locate the files that I am looking for.

We are aware of issues with DLNA and are in testing of new firmware that should provide a much better experience for most of you. Current estimate on when this will be releases is still a bit off (end of April).

Nice… thanx for looking in to the problems… hope we get a quick solution including a better media server s we don’t have to hunt for third party products which might cost a few bucks…

I recently purchased a WD My Book Duo (6 TB) and have had exactly the same problems as have already been listed here. It took ages to index my movies and once complete still can’t stream to my Samsung TV. Have reverted to copying the media I want to watch that day onto my mac and using Twonky. I see from earlier posts that there supposed to be a firmware fix for this problem coming out late April 2012 but this intro to WD (I used LaCie before) is leaving a poor first impression.

Just as an FYI - This is not a WD issue per se… This is an issue with how Samsung looks for DLNA Data. We use the mime type recommended by the Matroska organization: video/x-matroska. Samsung seems to be expecting a different mime type: video/x-mkv (non-standard). I did mention earlier that we are changing our Server behavior to compensate with the way Samsung works in the upcoming firmware release. This is now targeted for early part of May. 

WOW!!!  This is NOT a isolated issue to Samsung.  Xbox 360 and a number of other devices are having similar issues.  I hope that this promised update is not just a samsung fix.

  Sounds like I need to continue exchanging Duo’s every 30 days.  How are all these returns efecting WD’s bottom line?

  FYI:  iIhave had 2 boxes that worked fine with the 360 out of the box, but over time, performance degrades and eventually become unusable.  Blaming the DLNA standards does not explain this behavior, and therefore I am not buying your excuses.

I didn’t say that this had anything to do with the Xbox 360. I have said in the past that we have a number of fixes coming to support the DLNA server. It is your right as a consumer to do what you want within the return policy of the retailer. I don’t think that by “sticking it to the man” you are going to accomplish much - but that is your right.

Sounds like a good opportunity to quote Einstein:


I just picked one of these up. My PS3 is picking up the server, however, for some reason it is not picking up the majority of my music nor any of my videos. I have them in both the m4v format and wmv and still nothing. When I scan the Duo with a media scan, it is picking up only about 5500 of my 9000 songs and only 2 out of 20 videos. Does the Duo have  a media format that it prefers or whats the deal? 

To WDTony:

I don’t recall anyone trying to “stick it to the man” as you say… I see A LOT of frustrated users looking for answers, and you are not helping (at least in this topic) AT ALL.

The users here are your bread and butter. THEY sign your paychecks and SHOULD be treated with nothing but respect.

I don’t know if this is your job, but if it is…you should be fired. If not, then please DO NOT respond unless you have some actual information and not just vague statements about a firmware fix coming up.

We (customers, your bosses) are here because we love WD products and sometimes need assistance, if you are either unwilling/unable, please stop posting…you only make matters worse.

I recently purchased a MBL 2TB and was looking at the DUO 4TB for additional space, but thought I would check here about the media player in the dup since the MBL’s is nothing but garbage.

I also have a few passport drives that I still use and love.

Based on your post(s) the MBL might be going back to “the man” so that I can purchase my products from a company that can at least put up a good front that they care about their customers.

The economy is not strong enough for you guys (WD) to not care about your customers.

Good luck, enjoy your job…while it lasts.


a former customer.


Sorry you took my response to Theos wrong. This is not my primary job here at WD. I do this to try to help people out with my products and find that this type of interaction with customers is mostly beneficial. I am able to feed information back to our developers that typically would be hard to come by. If you have seen firmware update releases for the My Book Live, you will notice that many features/firmware updates are a result of user feedback.

As to Theos’s posts, I was referring to his post about returning the product over and over to make a point. All I meant to say was that that wouldn’t help much. We are aware of the issues and have most if not all fixed and in testing now. You will also note that I was replying to a customer with an XBox 360 issue when Theos jumped in to say that he was going to return his product again… so I was relaying some actual information. I can shut up and go about my real job here, but then you wouldn’t have even known a firmware release was coming out. WD has not typically given this kind of information out until the day it is released, so I like to think I broke the mold - I know - you probably want us to throw that mold away :slight_smile:

As to your post, I don’t think I will be fired , but I’ll send your note on to my boss anyways. I didn’t think I was treating him unfairly, but this is the internet - everyone has an opinion.




I would first like to apologize for stating that you should be fired. I am sure that most of the time you must be right on spot.

 With that being said, I honestly feel you were way off the mark with this topic.

In your first post on the second page, you stated that you didn’t believe it to be a wd issue per se and that you believed it to be specific to Samsung.

What I believe Theos was saying is that it is NOT specific to the Samsung because his xbox 360 is also experiencing the same issue.

I also don’t believe he was stating that he was going to return it over and over just to prove a point, I believe he was trying to say that he was having to return them in order to get a working product since every one he gets seems to share the same problems.

Instead of trying to offer a solution, it appeared that you became defensive and gave up, rather than dig in and get to the root of the issue in order to help Theos (and many others here it seems).

Times are tough and money means more as it is harder to come by (at least for me), so when I see an employee who seems not to care about the customer, especially when there are AT least 100 people waiting in line for a job, it really gets under my skin.

We (customers) deserve to be customers and not beta testers.

You are right, him returning the unit over and over won’t help you, or WD figure out these failures that are currently occuring, but it “might” help Theos get a unit that actually works.

Maybe the media server should be removed compltely until you guys figure out what you are doing in that regard.

Anyway WDTony, I apologize for stating that I thought you should be fired.

P.S. Maybe in the future, if you know that a fix is coming in a firmware release, either post the eta of the firmware, or stay quiet about it until solid information is available. Many people who are trying to get this fixed are not able to wait until their return period expires and then they are stuck with an inferior product.

I personally would be IRATE if I was told by a WD employee stated that a firmware fix is coming and then my return period expired, only to find out that two months from now, a firmware is actually released but didn’t do anything to fix the problem I was having. WD apparently doesn’t care as I can’t be the first customer to feel this way.


Former WD Customer

EDIT: Any timeframes given were only used as an example :slight_smile:

But the DLNA issue seems to be universal. On my PS3 slim i can not ever find WD media server. I am using a laptop with serviio to stream data to ps3. I have done all troubleshooting and discussed on all various forums. The problem seems to be with the firm ware or the product. Howsoever i must point out, each time i reboot my WDMBLD with the PS3 “ON” the media server is shown… but i am sure this is not the normal procedure to run wd media server on PS3.

Subscribing bercause i am also having the same issue and want a fix.

Have the 4tb live duo and my samsung smart tv does not read my computer with streaming enabled. Weird thing is that last week when i bought it and connected it up, it all worked fine. Now ity does.

Keen for resolution.