WD My Book Home Edition Losses Connection to PC

My old My Book has been acting funny of late. It randomly drops connection from my PC. When this occurs it not present in disk management or in my computer views. However, the lights on the front continue to stay on. I do not think it is a problem with the PC(windows or USB ports) as I have a newer My Book and a Passport also connected to the same pc and this does not occur with them.  I have tried shuffling the ports each of the drives are connected to as well and seem to be having the issue only with this drive. The drive reconnects and shows up in my computer with no problems when I unplug and reconnect either the power or usb cable.

I am a bit worried that it is a sign the drive is dying and that constant unplugging and reconnect of the usb cable will damage data on the drive.

The drive in question is a ITB  My Book Home Edition (wd10000h1cs-00). The disconnects seem to be very random. They occur sometimes when the drive is in use and other times when I am not even accessing the drive.

I am running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.

I have also checked power settings in windows to makes sure HDD are never powered down.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues? Any suggestions on how to remedy this situation will be greatly appreciated.



Yes, exact same problem here. What’s worse, the so called “smartware” backup never notifies me when the back up has failed due to the drive vanishing like this. The result, I’m not getting backed up.

It’s clearly a widespread problem for which WD has no solution. The FAQ at the top of this forum wants the problem to be a faulty power source or USB cable. NEITHER of these is the culprit in my case. I’ve scoured these forums looking for WD to acknowledge and/or solve the actual problem, alas I’ve found no help. WD is ignoring/denying this problem. Looks like I have to find the box and return this p o s . Better add comments to sites where it’s sold as well, I wish someone else had alerted me. Better things to do with my weekend that clean up after **bleep** QA processes at WD.