My Book won't connect to my computer; just sleeps

I purchased my WD Book quite a few years ago, and worked great when I first had it.
But now when I plug it into any computer, the computer doesn’t recognize it and it just goes to sleep.
I have the WD smartware, and my book doesn’t show up on that at all.

I need to know if this is fixable, or if I’m able to get my data off of it?

Thank you in advance for any help, muchly appreciated.

Did you replace the USB cable? Did you try other computers? It could also be a power issue. If so, WD Support is able to replace your unit’s power adapter if available.

Ive used different cables. Tried different computers.
None of the computers even recognize it’s there.

Hello. I have exactly the same problem. My Book fires up , but doesn’t show up on IE. It then eventually goes to sleep. Tried it on different computers. Still no joy. We can’t be alone!! Any suggestions will be gladly received.